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Patients who value the self-esteem and confidence that comes with a beautiful, healthy smile love us. Patients who are afraid of the dentist come here to relax and be comfortable. Patients who have major dental problems trust us to restore their smiles – and lives.

Whether you need same-day relief from an emergency dentist in Ormond Beach, a routine dental checkup and cleaning, or a second opinion involving a smile makeover, I encourage you to give our amazing team a call.

We believe you will notice the difference.

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I’ve had teeth issues my entire life and have been to a lot of dentists, but not one compares to Dr. Nawrocki. He explains things in detail, isn’t pushy, gives all options so I could decide, and stands behind his work…”

Al L., Ormond Beach, FL
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Affiliations & Education

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The Best at Replacing
Missing Teeth

  • Incredible, Same-Day Results
  • Team of Board Certified Prosthodontists
  • Advanced 3D Scanning & Case Design
  • We Give You Multiple Options
  • 1,000+ Denture Updates Completed
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a type of dental specialist, sort of like how a cardiologist is a special type of medical doctor. Prosthodontists focus on rebuilding the bite and replacing the teeth with lifelike restorations such as dentures and dental implants, and they undergo two to three years of additional training beyond dental school in order to do so. Many prosthodontists also complete a residency program to further refine their skills.

How Can I Get My Denture To Fit Better?

The first thing you can do is make sure that your denture and mouth are routinely cleaned at least twice a day, as gum inflammation stemming from bacteria can affect how your prosthetic fits. If you have had your denture for a few years, it might be time to have it relined, or if you want to make it even more secure, you can get an implant denture. This will anchor your teeth to your jaw just like natural ones, so you never have to worry about them moving out of place.

Does Missing All My Teeth Affect How Long I’ll Live?

Yes! Being unable to properly chew means that your body isn’t getting as many nutrients as it can from your food, which can lead to deficits that negatively impact your overall health. A lack of teeth also forces many patients to mostly eat highly processed, sugar-rich foods that make issues like obesity and diabetes much more likely or worse. Also, the exposed gums are at a higher risk of infection, and that bacteria can easily travel to your lungs, heart, and brain and has been closely associated with serious problems that have been shown to shorten life expectancy.

How Much Does It Cost to Get My Teeth Cleaned?

The average cost of a dental cleaning is $125, but most patients with dental insurance can receive two cleanings each year at no additional charge. Even if you have to pay for it out of pocket, studies show that for every $1 a person spends on preventive dentistry, they save about $50 on restorative dentistry (i.e. crowns or fillings to fix cavities). Deep cleanings meant to help those with gum disease tend to cost more, but they may be partially covered by insurance as well depending on the plan.

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We Love to
See You Smile

  • 14+ Years Average Experience
  • Always Have Time to Listen
  • No Lectures or High-Pressure
  • 60% of Patients from Referrals
  • Genuinely Friendly People
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Our Featured Dental Services

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Quality Can Be
Affordable & Convenient

  • No Insurance? We Have Options
  • Same Day Emergency Dentists
  • Help Maximizing Your Benefits
  • Dentistry Done Right the 1st Time
  • No Costly, Outside Referrals
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