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What Is Hybridge?

The Hybridge Full Arch Dental Implant Restoration

The Hybridge Full Arch Treatment Protocol permanently replaces up to 12 teeth in either jaw, supported on five or six dental implants, in as little as three to 16 weeks. Full function and esthetics are restored, resulting in a long-lasting and healthy alternative to compromised teeth.

Upper Hybridge Full Arch Dental Implant Restoration

As a rule, the Hybridge Full Arch Protocol requires that any remaining upper teeth must be removed and the jaw must heal for 11 weeks before the six dental implants can be surgically inserted. We refer to this as a two-stage process. Temporary teeth will be inserted on the same day of the extractions, so that there is never a time when a patient will go without teeth. Once healed, a computer-generated surgical guide is made to plan the best locations for the implants in a precise manner.

With extreme accuracy, the dental implants can be surgically placed, typically with a minimally invasive technique. Once the implants are inserted, the Hybridge Laboratory creates a single restoration that not only replaces the teeth, but the gum line as well. The materials used to make the Hybridge Full Arch are dependent on patient needs. The Hybridge Full Arch treatment can be finalized within 5 weeks of implant placement. The total upper treatment can be completed from start to finish in 16 weeks.

Lower Hybridge Full Arch Dental Implant Restoration

Typically, the Hybridge Protocol for the lower teeth has only one surgical phase. Unlike the upper, the extraction of the remaining lower teeth and the surgical placement of the dental implants can be done in the same appointment. At the end of the surgical visit, temporary Hybridge teeth will be inserted immediately so that there is no time when a patient will go without teeth. Hybridge Express offers a temporary Hybridge, which can be securely attached just like the final Hybridge Full Arch. It can be inserted within the first 24 hours. Once the dental implants are in place, treatment can be completed is as quickly as 5 weeks.

Hybridge Full Mouth Dental Implant Restoration

Many patients choose to have their entire mouth restored at the same time with Upper and Lower Hybridge Full Arch. There are many advantages to having them done simultaneously. Efficiencies exist when working on both jaws at the same time, resulting in reduced appointments, decreased cost, and the ability to idealize esthetics and tooth position. The typical treatment time is about 16 weeks. Again with this Protocol, there is never a time when a patient will be without a beautiful set of temporary teeth. The Hybridge team is keenly sensitive to a patient's need for comfort during the Hybridge process and the expectation that the process be completed in as short of a period of time as possible. A written treatment outline is provided so that Hybridge patients can be aware of what the treatment sequence of appointments will be, as well as the timing between each appointment.

Once complete, the Hybridge Full Arch provides fully restored function with unparalleled esthetics. Natural smiles are created using the finest modern materials. There are three alternative materials available that are used to make a Hybridge Full Arch—acrylic, Prettau Zirconia ceramic, and cross-linked PMMA. Each of these different materials has its own set of indications based on a patient's habits and history. A Hybridge Certified dentist will decide which the best option is.

Post-Implant Care

Although proper oral hygiene is always recommended for maintaining good dental health, it is especially important when a patient has received a dental implant. Bacteria can attack sensitive areas in the mouth when teeth and gums are not properly cleaned, thus causing gums to swell and jaw bones to gradually recede. Recession of the jawbone will weaken implants and eventually make it necessary for the implant to be removed. Patients are advised to visit their dentists at least twice a year to ensure the health of their teeth and implants. Dental implants can last for decades when given proper care.

Benefits of Seeing a Hybridge Certified Doctor

It’s important to note that not just any dentist can become a Hybridge Certified Doctor. Not only can they provide a treatment that is incredibly comprehensive and effective at restoring an entire arch of teeth with just a handful of dental implants, but you’re getting care from someone who has performed rigorous training courses just to learn the clinical process. Choosing a Hybridge Certified Doctor means you’re getting a specialist who is highly experienced and knowledgeable on dental implant treatment, meaning you can have confidence in your care no matter how complex your tooth replacement needs might be.

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