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Keeping a Clean Office: Safety Protocols During COVID-19

May 17, 2020

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Clean dental office in Ormond BeachDental offices are some of the cleanest, safest places that you can go to. They are held to very strict cleanliness and sanitation guidelines to always ensure beneficial, dynamic treatment for their patients. Your Ormond Beach dentists understand just how stressful the COVID-19 pandemic can be and are taking even greater precautions to protect you. You can feel confident that you’ll be in a perfectly safe environment the next time you book a dental appointment.

Standard Protocols

Good hygiene practices are critical in all dental offices. In a typical appointment, the dentist and their team will:

  • Wash their hands before and after each interaction with you
  • Wear PPE (personal protective equipment) to keep you safe while your dental work is being done
  • Thoroughly sanitize each operatory and dental instrument after use

These simple steps go a long way towards protecting you. However, during COVID-19, they are not enough.

Updated Protections

In addition to added sanitation steps, dentists are incorporating extra safety measures for themselves, their teams, and their patients. Every morning, each member of the dental team is given a no-touch temperature check as well as a questionnaire to gauge the likelihood that they have been exposed to the virus in the past day. Before appointments, patients will also receive the same procedure. It is important to take every precaution to make sure that neither the dental professionals nor the patients are likely to spread the virus to others in the office.

On top of these measures, dental offices are triple-checking and updating their cleaning procedures to make things even more reliably secure. Before each appointment, they will ensure that:

  • Your operatory has been thoroughly disinfected after every use
  • Each exposed surface in the room, from the countertops to the dental chair, has been sterilized and wiped down
  • All necessary dental instruments have been prepped and cleaned to limit going back and forth from the operatory to the sterilization area
  • All foreign objects, medical or otherwise, have been cleared from the room

Dental teams all across the country are working hard to make sure that you can get the care you need in a completely sterile environment. They understand that the virus is stressful enough as it is and want to provide you with comfort and safety to keep you smiling brightly.


About the Author

Dr. Andrew Nawrocki wants to keep his Ormond Beach patients at optimal health. He and his team at Brown & Nawrocki Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry are dedicated to providing exceptional, comprehensive dentistry in a safe, sterile environment. He received both his Doctorate of Dental Medicine and his Specialist Certificate in Prosthodontics from the University of Florida and takes great pride in being able to provide the best that dentistry has to offer. If you’d like to know more about how he and his team are keeping their office a safe place to be, they’d be happy to speak with you. Give the office a call at (386) 310-0130 or send them an email.

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