4 Valentine’s Day Dental Gifts

February 16, 2022

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there isn’t much time left to decide what kind of gift you want to get for your loved one. You could stick with the classic flowers and chocolates, but why not think outside of the box by giving them presents that will promote a happy, healthy smile? Read on for ideas for Valentine’s Day dental gifts that are sure to make them smile!

Gift #1: Tooth-Healthy Candy

As you probably know by now, sugar isn’t exactly the best thing for your smile. Unfortunately, a lot of Valentine’s Day gifts revolve around sweet treats like peanut butter cups and chocolate bars. Luckily, there are tooth-healthy alternatives! Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content contains much less sugar than milk chocolate and is easier to wash away than sticky candies. There are also sugar-free versions of many traditional Valentine’s Day candies.

Gift #2: Cosmetic Dentistry

Has your partner ever mentioned wanting to correct chips, cracks, gaps, misshapen teeth, discoloration, or other issues with their smile? If so, consider gifting them one or more cosmetic dental treatments. From veneers to Invisalign to teeth whitening, there are several options that can make them feel more confident in their pearly whites by giving them the smile they’ve always wanted.

Gift #3: Dental Hygiene Products

Did you know that there are types of toothpaste that taste like licorice, cola, cupcakes, chocolate, and other sweet treats? These make great gifts for your partner and can even be paired with a new electric toothbrush in a dentist-approved gift basket!

Gift #4: A Dentist-Approved Dinner

If you’re interested in Valentine’s Day dental gifts that are more in line with the classics, consider making your loved one a meal that would make a dentist proud! A few tasty foods to include in this feast are:

  • Lean meats – Chicken, turkey, beef, pork, and other lean meats are full of phosphorus and protein, both of which promote a healthy mouth.
  • Fresh, crisp fruits and veggies – Eating carrots, celery, apples, and pears increases saliva production. This helps wash away harmful oral bacteria and keeps your mouth moist.
  • Fish – Sardines, salmon, and anchovies contain fluoride, vitamin D, iron, calcium, phosphorous, protein, and a range of other vitamins and nutrients that are good for your smile.
  • Low-fat and fat-free dairy products – Plain yogurt, milk, and cheese contain calcium, which helps keep your teeth and bones healthy and strong.

Giving your partner Valentine’s Day dental gifts will show them how much you care. Every time they smile, they’ll thank you for giving them the beautiful beam of their dreams!

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