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4 Celebrities Who Have Dental Implants

June 9, 2022

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Celebrities aren’t that different from other people in the world. They can and do have the same problems anyone might experience— including dental issues. Whether it’s yellow teeth, cavities, or chipping, there’ll be someone famous who’s suffered it. Some have even had to replace their teeth with dental implants. Can you imagine?

To prove it, here’s a summary of four well-known celebrities with dental implants. Keep them in mind the next time you wonder if stars are like the rest of us.

Ed Helms

Known for his roles on The Daily Show with John Stewart, The Office, and The Hangover trilogy, Ed Helms is a versatile actor who can shift from TV to film with ease. However, he didn’t start out with his famously charming smile.  He apparently had dental implants placed decades ago.

Remember how his character Stu lost a tooth in The Hangover? Helms simply had one of his implants removed when shooting the relevant scenes.

Christie Brinkley

The supermodel Christie Brinkley has always had great oral health. She attributes this to good genes and proper dental care.

However, she was involved in a horrifying helicopter crash some years ago. As a result, she injured her wrist and broke two of her molars.

Brinkley has said these molars were replaced with dental implants and gushed about how they look and feel natural.

Chris Rock

You probably didn’t know that Chris Rock once had top teeth that jutted out a bit. At the time, they formed an upside-down “v” shape.

He later had them replaced with dental implants. The actor reportedly took a fair part of his earnings from “Lethal Weapon” and funneled it into the cosmetic treatment.

Mike Tyson

To say that Mike Tyson had a smile makeover following his boxing career is a bit of an understatement. He lost multiple teeth from his bouts that have since been substituted with dental implants.

That includes the gold tooth he used to bite off a part of Evander Holyfield’s ear in their match. However, that one wasn’t replacing a tooth lost from a fight. Tyson’s wife Kiki has said the gold one was placed after a headbutt from his tiger Kenya led to the original falling out.

While the rich and famous may have exotic lifestyles, they also have teeth and gum problems like all human beings. Just remember those mentioned above to bridge the mental gap!

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