A Few Good Tips for Choosing the Best Cosmetic Dentist

September 15, 2022

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Even if you’re eager to beautify your smile, you shouldn’t just jump into dental treatment. Before anything else, you’ll want to find the right cosmetic dentist for you. Otherwise, you likely won’t get the gleaming results you want. Then again, how are you supposed to choose between all the available dentists in your area? Talk about decision paralysis! Well, your Ormond Beach dental practice is here to help you out. Read on to learn four tips for choosing the best possible cosmetic dentist.

Get Recommendations from Friends & Family

To start, get suggestions from friends and family based on their dental work. For instance, ask them if they have (or had) cosmetic dentists they like. Likewise, find out if they got satisfactory results from their local practice. Depending on what you learn, you could better understand which nearby dentists would meet your needs.

If your loved ones don’t have much to say, though, don’t worry. You can always check online reviews to see if a dentist does consistently good work.

Attend a Trial Visit

There’s only so much you can learn about a dentist from home. That said, consider booking a trial visit with one to learn more about them up close and personal.

When you arrive for this appointment, take the time to assess the dentist’s office. Look around to see if it feels inviting or if it strikes you as clean and hygienic. Furthermore, reflect on whether the staff seems professional and knowledgeable.

As for the actual dentist, ask them about their specialties, credentials, hours, and fees.

Ask for Before & After Photos

While you might want to take a cosmetic dentist at their word, it’d be a good idea to see their results for yourself. Therefore, ask for some before and after photos of their actual patients. Experienced cosmetic dentists will often have online galleries or albums you can review. If they have pictures of patients who received the treatment you want, you can get a good idea of their skills.

Find a Dentist Who Listens to Your Needs

Whatever else you do, find a dentist who’ll listen to you regarding what you want from treatment. An ideal one will be honest about what they can do for you and advise you about safe and effective options. They should also explain the procedure’s time frame and its expected lifespan.

You’ll find a great cosmetic dentist if you follow tips like those above. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started with your search!

About the Practice

Brown & Nawrocki Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry is based in Ormond Beach, FL. As led by Drs. Andrew Nawrocki and Kimberly Dennis, the practice specializes in esthetic restoration and replacement of teeth. However, its team can perform preventive and emergency treatments as well. Furthermore, these services are all high-quality thanks to relying on advanced dental technology. For more information or to book an appointment, you can reach them at their website or by phone at (386)-677-1046.

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