Have a Missing Back Tooth? Make Replacing it a Priority!

March 18, 2023

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If you had a missing front tooth, would you replace it? Most people would certainly get the necessary treatment to complete their smile as soon as possible! Having a gapped smile can affect your confidence and everyday functioning. However, the same importance should be placed on a missing back tooth. Although it may not affect how your smile looks, it can negatively impact your oral health. Read on to learn how and the best tooth loss solution.

The Negative Impacts of Missing Teeth

Missing one of your pearly whites is not just about how it makes your smile look. In addition to being a cosmetic concern, it can also cause a number of oral health issues. These include:

  • Excessive wear on adjacent teeth: When one or more teeth are missing in your mouth, you naturally compensate by placing more strain on the surrounding teeth. This can not only make them wear down but be costly when you have to seek dental restorative care.
  • Jawbone deterioration: Your jaw remains strong when it is stimulated by chewing from your teeth. With a gapped smile, your jawbone is no longer getting the necessary force to keep it healthy and strengthened.
  • Teeth misalignment: When there is a gap in your mouth from a missing tooth, your other teeth will begin to move since there is no “placeholder” to keep them in their designated position. This can cause a misaligned smile.
  • TMJ disorder: TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, causes jaw pain that can lead to chronic headaches. When the structure of your mouth changes due to tooth loss, you place yourself at risk of jaw issues.

What is a Reliable & Long-lasting Replacement for Your Missing Tooth?

The advancements in modern technology have made it possible to replace a missing tooth, no matter where it is in your mouth, effectively and reliably. Dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth loss solutions by most dental professionals. This state-of-the-art tooth replacement is not only extremely natural looking and feeling but also:

  • Is custom-made, which ensures the size, shape, and shade of your replacement blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth.
  • Can last a lifetime with proper oral health care.
  • Stimulates your jawbone, preserving the shape of your face.
  • Is fused with your jawbone, providing unmatched durability and functionality.
  • Comes with no dietary restrictions.
  • Requires no extra dental care other than your regular dental hygiene routine.

As you can see, whether people can see your missing tooth or not, it is vital to complete your smile. With options like dental implants, you will not only return to a whole set of pearly whites but protect your oral health for years to come!

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